Tips for traveling with gifts this holiday

Spending the holidays somewhere new this year? While we love the idea of gifting experiences, sometimes packing and traveling with gifts is inevitable. We’re here to help, as it’s typically quite a challenge. Whether you are trying to keep them on the down-low, or are facing logistical issues, here’s our list of tips and tricks when traveling with presents in tow.

Most people have nesting suitcases. Consider loading one with gifts, and the other with your personal items. Then for your return flight, simply pack your items in a suitcase … IN a suitcase.

Invest in bubble wrap. Airports are not known for their gentleness with luggage. Take extra precautions and make sure everything is secured and padded well. Add a layer of bubble wrap or other packing material as a lining in your suitcase for an extra layer of protection.

Consider shipping your gifts ahead of time. This will keep the element of surprise and will save you the hassle of having to transport. Many hotels are happy to receive boxes on your behalf, within reason, just before your arrival. Just let the concierge know ahead of time. If traveling to see/stay with family, ask a family member if they’d mind taking in a few packages and storing out of sight until you arrive.

Whatever you do, do NOT wrap gifts and then pack them. This is a TSA no-no. It’s almost certain that they will not arrive wrapped. Save time, energy and hassle – pack your wrapping and do it at your destination.

Who says you must celebrate on the actual day? Consider having the celebration before or after you leave. Another idea would be to arrive early and do your shopping in destination versus traveling with gifts. And don’t worry about your little ones. They will most likely be so caught up in the excitement of travel, they won’t really know it’s only December 23rd.

Plan ahead. Seriously. Make sure you consider your space and weight requirements. Perhaps more smaller gifts rather than a few large ones are in store this year. Another idea: print out images of the full-size gift waiting for them back home. It’s the thought that counts!

Feeling creative? Theme your gifts! Heading to Hawaii? Maybe everyone gets new beach sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. You could even go so far as to find gift wrap that coincides!

Last, but certainly not least, make the trip the gift! The excitement and anticipation of a vacation typically are unmatched. Best of all, the memories made during your vacation will ultimately last a lifetime!

Whether you’re traveling near or far, to see family or to explore a new destination, the holidays are always extra special. With a little planning and perhaps thinking outside the box (literally and figuratively!), traveling this holiday season will be one for the memory books! We’re ready to help make your holiday travel plans reality – we’re here to help!

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